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Taking the time to develop a personalized learning experience is at the heart of our mission. Our unique and best in class approach is tailored to each golfer and their specific needs, which allows us to provide the highest level of expertise and individualized learning plans.

By providing a bespoke approach to golf education, our experienced tutors and professional staff are able to identify areas for improvement and develop individualized plans designed to surpass personal goals. Our approach instills confidence and inspires a positive golf experience from the first lesson.

Having the tools and knowledge to improve your game allows you to unlock your potential and enjoy your time on the green more. Our team of experienced golf professionals offers expert guidance through every step of the learning process. We understand the importance of setting attainable goals and helping you achieve them efficiently and effectively.

We understand the joy and satisfaction derived from the game of golf, and our mission is to help every golfer reach their full potential. From beginner to pro, our tailored learning plans and personalized instruction guarantee an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

You can trust us to give you the tools, instructions, and expert guidance needed to improve your game and reach your personal goals. Our tailored learning plans and individualized instruction give you the confidence to conquer any situation on the golf course. With our insights, you'll learn how to play the game with more precision, consistency, and style.

At Broken Tee Golf School, our goal is to help you develop a passionate and committed relationship with golf so you can look forward to spending time on the green and achieve your personal best. Reach out today and start your journey to a better golf game.

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